Teacher Suspended For Sexy Modeling Photos Returns To Classroom

The Massachusetts teacher’s aide who was placed on leave over her sexy modeling photos has returned to the classroom after an investigation. Kaitlin Pearson defended herself after the decision, stating that she’s a good citizen who graduated college and didn’t break any rules. Pearson, who works with special needs children, also said her students had no idea about her second career and never let her modeling aspirations interfere with her teaching.

After some of her racy pictures were sent by an anonymous person to officials at the Fitchburg school district, she was suspended with pay pending the investigation, but brought back in after just a few days. “We are confident that she will bring the same level of commitment to her job and her students that she always has,” read a statement from the school district. Pearson also thanked the person who leaked the photos because she claims to have gotten positive publicity and more work as a result of the incident.

Pearson, who was voted as the top model on website Model Mania, writes on her website that she will not shoot full nude photos and “will only shoot implieds with a photographer I know and trust.” Many of the modeling photos she posted on her Facebook page can be considered racy or provocative, but are identical to what can be found on the covers of magazines at any traditional stand.

The parents at South Street Elementary School also said they were supportive of her returning to work. “You’re trying to be a role model for the kids,” said Andy Saocedo. “She probably leaves work at work and her modeling career separate from her teaching career.”

(Photo: Model Mania)