Congressman Steve Stockman Filing Impeachment Resolution Against Obama

Steve Stockman walked out of Obama’s State of the Union address and is now looking to take things further by filing an impeachment resolution against the President. The Republican congressman objected to Obama declaring that he would act unilaterally on certain issues such as gun control “with or without Congress.” Stockman was hardly the only politician to object to the speech, but made a significant stand by walking out midway through.

“I could not bear to watch as he continued to cross the clearly-defined boundaries of the Constitutional separation of powers,” he said in a press release shortly after the speech. “Needless to say, I am deeply disappointed in the tone and content of tonight’s address.”

Citing numerous constitutional violations throughout Obama’s two terms, Stockman said he had ample evidence to try and impeach the President. ”Obama defiantly vowed, not only to radically expand government from cradle to grave but to smash the Constitutions restrictions on government power while doing it,” he said in a statement. “His goal is to eliminate a Constitutional Republic.”

Earlier this week, Michele Bachmann also announced plans to file a lawsuit against the President. “If he wants to move forward with this unilateral activity, he better be prepared for the lawsuit that the United States Congress will bring to him,” she said. “He may think he’s king, he may declare he’s a king, but that’s not what he is under the constitution.”

Rep. Steve King has also proposed a resolution that would allow the House to list, one by one, “all of his constitutional violations, or at least the clearest ones. There are very many, I don’t know if we’d ever get to all [of them].”

(Photo: AP)