VIDEO: Fox News Guest Says Black People Not Welcome In Idaho, Utah And Wyoming

A guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program declared that Idaho, Utah and Wyoming are racist states where black people aren’t welcome. The outrageous comments were made by black civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, who verbally sparred with Hannity and Crystal Wright, editor of Conservative Black Chick. Terrell said the fact that African-Americans make up less than two percent of the population in Idaho and Utah indicates that black people are not welcome there.

“Idaho and Utah, they don’t promote blacks to go to those states. We have private clubs that are all-white and a housing pattern that is all-white,” said Terrell. “People like me can’t go to Idaho and Wyoming. They are apartheid states. How many blacks are in Idaho? [They] do not encourage blacks to live there.

Both Hannity and Wright laughed at the absurdity of Terrell’s statement. “You’re telling me a black person can’t go to Idaho today because, what, they’re gonna be killed or lynched?” asked Wright. “You sound ridiculous. You’re perpetuating these lies like Reverend Jesse Jackson Jr.”

Terrell accused Wright of being “one of those typical Fox commentators” and taking “talking points” from Hannity before the conversation begin. But perhaps most shocking was that Terrell said that the country was in a better position than it was six years ago because of Obama.

“This country has taken a step ahead,” declared Terrell. “I can believe now that any person, regardless of color, can become President of this country.”