Kid Rock Supports ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson, Slams ‘Bulls*it PC Game’

Kid Rock is speaking out in support of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. The reality star was suspended last week by A&E for his comments about homosexuality, prompting outrage from fans and his family threatening to quit the show over First Amendment violations. Kid Rock stepped into the controversy over the weekend with a blog post on his website, declaring Robertson had every right “to express his faith and beliefs.”

In the blog post, Kid Rock said that political correctness in America had gone too far. “I support Phil Robertson and his choice to express his faith and beliefs. Shame on A&E. I hope all my friends, straight or gay, will stop this bulls*it a*s PC game being played by ALL of these stupid a*s coalitions, groups and idiots,” he wrote. MERRY CHRISTMAS – F*CK HAPPY HOLIDAYS…. and F*CK PC!! Keep it real.”

Robertson sparked controversy last week by declaring that homosexuality was a sin and comparing the act of gay sex to bestiality. “It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me,” said Phil. “I’m just thinking: ‘There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes!’ You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

After the comments went viral, the NAACP and Human Rights Campaign issued a joint statement to the President of A&E. “His offensive claims about gay people fly in the face of science. In fact, it’s important to note that every single leading medical organization in the country has said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being LGBT,” they wrote. “It’s not a choice and to suggest otherwise is dangerous.”

However, many of Robertson’s fans believe his comments don’t justify a suspension. A petition to bring Robertson back to Duck Dynasty has collected over 115,000 signatures, while the Facebook page “Bring Back Phil Robertson” collected over 35,000 likes in the first 12 hours and now has over one million signatures. The petition states that, “There is a difference between respecting someone rights to exercise free will and imposing on others what we believe. Phil has done nothing more than state what he believes in. Just because homosexuals do not agree, does not mean Mr. Robertson needs to be suspended.”