Sheriff Deputy Suspended for Bringing Skittles and Iced Tea to Work


It is apparently insensitive to eat skittles and iced tea at work. A sheriff deputy learned that the hard way by being suspended and forced into sensitivity training.

From Breitbart:

On Thursday, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department suspended Corporal Chris Wood for bringing a can of Arizona Ice Tea and a bag of Skittles to work at the Brevard County Jail on Saturday morning. He said that he was trying to send a message about the importance of keeping personal predilections about cases from affecting the work environment; instead, his superiors suspended him. This is Wood’s first disciplinary action in 10 years of working for the force.

“His delivery of that message was completely insensitive to not only the people in the room, and the things that were going on in our community, and our society, at that point, and that’s what stimulated us looking at it,” said Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivy. Wood will be given a written reprimand, and he has already apologized to his squad. Ivey said that Wood would be sent to sensitivity training as well.