Obama’s Twitter Account: Nation in Distress

When the United States flag is flown upside down, it represents a nation in distress. You’ll often see Tea Partiers and Conservative members display the flag this way because of what the current administration is doing.

  1. Massive debts.
  2. Apologizing for America.
  3. Benghazi scandals.
  4. Fast and Furious scandal.
  5. IRS targeting Conservatives.
  6. DoJ tapping AP Phone Records.
  7. Perpetual unemployment.
  8. Drones that can be used against American citizens.
  9. High taxes.
  10. Government takeover of medicine.
  11. Assault on our second Amendment rights.


But isn’t it odd that those in power are the one’s displaying the flag this way? Here is the picture from Obama’s twitter account.

Accident or subliminal message?

You decide whether this was an accident or a deeper sign.