With Friends Like These, Breitbart Didn’t Need Enemies

One year since Breitbart passed away.

From Daily Caller:

Andrew Breitbart died a year ago today, and many of his friends and colleagues are taking a moment to remember him. For example, there’s this touching remembrance from Jason Weisberger, publisher of Boing Boing:

A year ago I lost a friend. On March 1st, 2012 Andrew Breitbart died but every day, I still see both his personal and mobile IM accounts online. They serve as a sad reminder of the loss of a man I will always remember as kind. I gather his IM accounts are still online so they can continue his horrible project of wrecking America.

Andrew and I were friends. Last year when he passed away, I am ashamed to admit, I was afraid to write anything or to share how sad it was to lose such a good guy who cared so passionately about his friends. I was afraid because his life’s work was monstrous.

Isn’t that heartwarming? “I turned my back on my friend when he died, because I was afraid of being attacked for fraternizing with a monster.”