Three Students Show Patriotism And Get Suspended

Three students were suspended for painting the American flag on their chests for a school project. They were told they were in violation of the dress code (having their shirts off) despite the fact that this same school’s project last year featured the swim team without their shirts.

The only difference? These students chose to express their patriotism.


The way Dylan Eckstein and his buddies figured it, painting their bare chests into a collective American flag for a school-approved video was patriotic.

But now the three Kearney High School seniors are in the middle of a flap that got Eckstein — a member of Missouri’s Army National Guard — suspended from school Thursday.

“I was pretty much the one who was standing up for my rights, you know,” Eckstein said shortly after being suspended for the day. “I was asking, ‘Why can’t we do this? Why can’t I show the American flag?’ ”