Obama Moves Obamacare Deadline To Trash Republican Governors

From Reason.com:

Facing pressure from Republican governors, the Obama administration has officially pushed back the deadline for state governments to declare whether or not they’re setting up ObamaCare’s health insurance exchanges, reports CBS News. States were supposed to tell the Department of Health and Human Services whether they would create the exchanges by today, but now they have until December 14 to declare their intentions. They can also wait until February to decide whether they want to set up an exchange in partnership with the federal government.

From Rush:

Are you aware that the regime has moved the dates that the states must be in compliance setting up an Obamacare health care exchange?  The date was today.  You had to have it set up today.  If you didn’t have it set up today, there wasn’t gonna be an exchange in your states.  And that’s not good.  Well, it would be good, actually, but for Obama, it wouldn’t be good because the health care law does not allow the federal government to run the exchange.  The states have to.  They haven’t changed it yet.  It was an error.  But guess what Obama did?  He moved the date.  And in some cases, it’s all the way to February. 

Very smart move by Obama.  You move the date, allowing the media to trash all of these governors.