Dick Morris: Hillary let the cat out of bag about Obama’s 2nd term plans



Hillary Clinton let the cat out of the bag this week. She gave a speech at the global initiative — where she said that the elites of the world do not pay their fair share of taxes. She called for global tax reform to make sure that they do pay their fair share of taxes.

Now what she is referring to is a proposal that is cooking its way up through the European Union and the United Nations. For the UN to impose a global tax on billionaires… it may go down to millionaires… but it is at least billionaires in its proposal.

[The money] would then go to third world countries to fuel their corruption. Massive transfer of wealth. From people who earned it to people who are about to steal it.

This is the beginning of Obama’s new second term move to give the UN power to tax the United States. And to force us to give foreign aid by taking our money.

We talk about this in our book Screwed: How Foreign Countries Are Ripping America Off, which came out last year. And in our book that comes out October 8, Here Comes the Black Helicopters: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom, we elaborate on this.