Whitehouse Press Sec: Stop Obsessing With Unemployment Numbers!

We were supposed to have an unemployment rate of about 5% by now following the passage of the stimulus. The Whitehouse is trying to play down the unemployment rate figures to hide their failure on jobs.

Jay Carney:

"We know most people (are) not sitting at home clicking refresh on the BLS website."

"Recession was not that long ago, so not asking people to look back to the 70s and 80s but to compare Republican proposals to four years ago, that’s what GOP wants to go back to."

"We never react too happily to the jobs reports that exceed expectations, or the ones that come below, because we are focused on trends."

From the Whitehouse Dossier:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today suggested that there was too much focus on the unemployment rate, wisecracking that average people aren’t sitting at home staring at the Labor Department website to see the latest employment numbers. Carney argued that they have other things to worry about in addition to jobs.

Carney instead sought to switch the focus from Friday’s disastrous employment report, which showed the economy only created 96,000 jobs, to the the fact that job creation remains in positive territory, even though it generally has lagged behind the numbers needed to keep up with population growth.