Clinton’s Speech Was Meant to Undermine Obama!!

Democrats are praising Bill Clinton’s speech as if it was the best thing for Obama. It was NOT.

He talked about the need to work with Republicans. Bill Clinton worked with Republicans. Obama did not. Americans will make that distinction.

He talked about how there were more jobs created by Democratic presidents since the 1960s than Republican presidents. Umm. Jimmy Carter was a failure and so is Obama. He can’t praise Obama for the past three years so he includes himself in a 50 year time window, LOL. That is silly on its face.

Paul Ryan:

“What’s happened over the past four years was not a Bill Clinton Democrat.”

“Bill Clinton gave us welfare reform, Bill Clinton worked with Republicans to cut  spending and to get a good budget agreement in place. Bill Clinton’s commission gave us Medicare reform that we are proposing right now. We don’t have a Bill Clinton Democrat. We have someone who went far to the left so it’s a different kind of approach or philosophy of the role and goal of government.”  

clinton official

From The Ulsterman Report:

Bill Clinton is sitting back somewhere and smiling at these reports as Americans are realizing the last four years have been nothing like the Clinton-era of the 1990s.  What Obama has given the country – as Paul Ryan so ably pointed out, is a president and a candidate who does not offer a sound choice for millions of moderate Clinton-era Democrats.  Their only real solution then is to vote for the Republicans or not vote at all.  Either way, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan beneft – as does America if the end result is making Barack Obama a one and done political disaster.