Michelle Obama Charges $5000 to Have Her Picture Taken…

Michelle Obama thinks so highly of herself that she feels she is worth $5,000 to have a single photo of her taken. Hey, but that is just pennies compared to the millions she feels she is entitled to by taking trips to Africa, Spain, and 14 other places.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

On Sunday evening, Michelle Obama attended a fundraiser hosted by Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer. Tickets started at $2,500, and a photo with the First Lady cost $5,000 per person.

In his introduction of the First Lady, Meyer stressed the need to keep President Obama in office and that he and his fellow media moguls needed to remember why they were involved in politics.

Michelle won’t be pocketing the money. The Hollywood Reporter:

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee of Obama for America, the Democratic National Committee and several state Democratic parties.