Obama Signed Bill That Makes Free Speech Illegal in Some Zones (Video)

Obama signed into law Bill HR 347 that makes free speech a felony where secret service agents are present.

FOX: “HR 347 gives federal agents sweeping powers to arrest and bring felony charges against citizens engaged in protest where the secret service is present.”

Andrew Napolitano:

This “allows secret service agents to decide where there are no free speech zones”.

“I can think of three violations: a) speech violations, b) association violations, c) the right to petition the government for a redress of you grievances. What good is free speech if the people in the government are so far away from you that they can’t hear you?”

“I think it is one of those laws that’s going to be enforced where the government wants to enforce. The problem there.. it puts a lot of unbridled discretion in the hands of secret service agents… That’s suppressing speech on the basis of its content and that has been expressly prohibited by the First Amendment since Day One.”