What Would America Look Like if Obama is Reelected?

“2016” the movie is going to be released in the summer. It is produced by Gerald R. Molen, the same man that produced Schindler’s List and it is based on the novel, “Roots of Obama’s Rage”, by Dinesh D’Souza.

D’Souza makes some fascinating claims about Obama’s vision for America. He argues that his vision is not that of the typical American but rather of an anti-colonial outsider who wishes to realign America with the world. To realign the US, he has to weaken it because that would contribute to global fairness and be the punishment the West deserves for Colonialism.

D’Souza was born in Mumbai, India. His parents, grandparents, and uncles lived during the time of colonialism so he is very well versed on the concept. He is the President of the evangelical King’s College.

Below is a video from Youtube, the first 100 seconds is the trailer and the rest is D’Souza’s speech at CPAC.

Quotes from the movie as narrated by D’Souza.

Obama has a dream, a dream from his father that the sins of colonialism be set right and America be downsized.

America has a dream from our founding fathers that together we must perfect liberty and America should grow so that liberty grows. Which dream will we carry into 2016?

From D’Souza’s speech at CPAC.

Barack Obama, who is clearly the most unknown guy to enter the oval office in American history. Three years later, well into his presidency, he remains a mystery.