American Idol Not a Fan of Christian References

Colton Dixon, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is an American Idol contestant. And as reported by MSNBC Today, he has been told to tone his Christian references down if he wants to win.

Their view is that his spirituality and faith would turn people off. Here is what he has said to that.

“When we first started the Twitter and Facebook stuff, they said beware of political and religious tweets,”

“Being a Christian is who I am. It is a part of me musically. It is what I want to do after the show — go into Christian music.”

“I am not going to hide it, and I am not going to stray away from it just because I am on a TV show.”

On Facebook: “I am not of this world. We were created to spend eternity with the Lord. We all have purpose. No one is less important than the other. He died for YOU.”

“I wake up and I do devotional every morning. It reminds me why I am here, which is to share the love of God. I know there are several other contestants who can say the exact same thing. But it is a part of me and I want to share it — no matter what, good or bad outcome. It is me.”

Being true to himself is more important than winning.