Health Care’s Death Panel: House Committee Votes to Repeal

According to a report in The Hill, the Energy and Commerce Health subcommittee voted 17-5 in favor of repealing the IPAB.

Obamacare puts in place a new bureaucracy called Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) which will consist of 15 unelected officials. They will make decisions regarding YOUR care. In fact, they would set limits on the coverage each individual gets hence they are often coined as a “death panel”.

For a little bit of background information on this issue, you may also check out our article on one of Obamacare’s unfortunate side effects: “coverage to be denied to seniors over 70”.

According to Life News, the National Right to Life had this to say:

“[t]he Obama law directs the Board to issue recommendations to limit what ordinary citizens and their health insurance coverage can pay for medical treatment…”

to “implement these recommendations, the Department of Health and Human Services is empowered to impose so-called ‘quality’ and ‘efficiency’ measures on health care providers. Doctors who violate a ‘quality’ standard by prescribing more life-saving medical treatment than it permits will be disqualified…”

“Simply put, the IPAB is bad medicine..It is outrageous that a government entity would be allowed to dictate and limit what Americans could spend – of their own money – to save their own lives.”