Rand Paul Suing Barack Obama


Rand Paul to Obama: Recess appointments are illegal. We were not in recess!

Here is a story coming out of Politico, not only is Rand going to challenge the appointments, he is going to challenge anything that the NLRB does as being unconstitutional.

“With the recent recess appointments, President Obama has circumvented our Constitution and showed complete disregard for the separation of powers,” Paul said in a statement Tuesday. “He has demonstrated once again that he is willing to treat the office of the presidency like a dictatorship.”

The Obama administration has maintained the appointments were legal because the Senate was effectively in recess, with sessions only lasting a few minutes every three days. The Senate had held a series of pro forma sessions designed to prevent Obama from making recess appointments, since the chamber would technically be in session, but the administration said the pro formas essentially amounted to no more than a gimmick.

Rand Paul says that this sets a very dangerous precedent. If these recess appointments end up being constitutional, then Obama could be free to assign a Supreme Court justice at 9PM. And he is having none of it for the sake of the Constitution.

Picture from: donkeyhotey