200 Layoffs at Solar Plant

As reported in the Las Vegas Sun, Amonix Solar Power is laying off 200 of their 300 employees in a North Las Vegas manufacturing plant. They opened up seven months ago.

Amonix’s director of manufacturing operations, Eric Culberson, said the layoffs are part of “retooling” the factory as the company prepares to roll out its next-generation product.


Culberson said the job cuts are temporary and expects to begin hiring more people in the second half of the year to meet demand.

"We’re only laying people off now until we get more sales" is the gist of what they said. All job cuts are temporary according to their logic. But this is the problem with clean energy companies. There is very little demand.

I love the idea of saving money on Energy and would definitely invest in this. But I spend about $100 a month on electricity, how likely do you really think it is for me to spend $5000 for a solar panel?

I didn’t see any evidence that Amonix received our tax dollars so there is no reason to blame the stimulus but I think it just goes to show you that this is not a strong industry to invest our tax dollars.