No Jobs? Small Businesses Blame Obamacare


The US Chamber of Commerce recently conducted a poll of small businesses and found that 74% of them say the new health care law is an impediment to hiring. That doesn’t mean they aren’t hiring but that they don’t feel as free to do so. Perhaps more businesses could have been hiring had the law not been passed.

Brad Close, vice president of Public Policy for the National Federation of Independent Business, said to Fox News :

"They look at this bill as more of a tax bill wrapped up and packaged as a health care reform bill," Close says, adding, "It really puts most of the cost and burden on small business owners."

The Left is saying that the only reason small businesses feel this way is because of misinformation. They say they will like the health care bill if they knew more about it.

But as reported on

Employers are required to provide health care for its workers. And if they do not do so, they are required to pay a fine in the form of taxes. So basically this is a tax. The money will either go to the employees in the form of health benefits or to the federal government. Liberals will tell you that Obamacare does not cost anything because the money will be recouped from these fines and mandates.

Taxing small businesses for having employees discourages hiring. It makes hiring more expensive. Not only do you have to worry about the wages an employee gets but also the benefits and potential tax ramifications. It adds more headache to owning a small business.

Our economy cannot absorb such a massive overreach. Look at this tweet from Barack Obama where he says women will not have to pay out of pocket costs for contraceptions.

obamacare contraceptives

Forcing health insurance companies to pay for anything only drives up the cost for everybody else. So even though women will get that benefit, the price will get absorbed into the insurance premiums and that hurts everybody.

Washington Examiner wrote a fantastic article about the math that goes into how Obamacare affects small business hiring.

The slow employment growth just might be connected to the $2,000-per-worker business tax, to begin in 2014, enacted as part of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

The tax will be levied on firms with 50 or more employees who do not offer health insurance, or sufficiently generous health insurance to meet government standards.