Obama Outsources Jobs to Brazil, Not US


A $1 Billion government contract was awarded to Brazil company, Embraer instead of American company, Hawker Beechcraft Corp. The contract would be to build the AT-6, an attack aircraft. If this contract was awarded to Hawker Beechcraft, they say they could have created "1400 jobs at 181 companies in 39 states". But by awarding the contract to Embraer, only 50 jobs will be created in the US. But it is not just the 1400 jobs but all the economic activity (products and services) that need to be doled out in order to build the aircraft. And the taxes that would have come back to the country. And the people that could get off unemployment.


Instead. The money is funneled out of the country. Our trade deficit grows. People forced to stay on unemployment.

We should not be outsourcing national security jobs. First of all, Brazil has ties to Iran. Second of all, if we are going spend money on defense, those jobs should be created in the US.

One possible explanation Tait Trussel of FrontPageMag gives for the decision is this:

But what is the most important reason for all this boot-licking of Brazil? It seems more than coincidence that multi-billionaire ultra-leftist  George Soros —Obama’s biggest campaign contributor– owns part of Brazil’s Petrobras oil giant and, as well, just happens to have connections with Embraer through Harbin-Embraer Aircraft, a Chinese-Brazilian joint venture, and  Hainan Airlines , in which Soros owns a significant stake. Aha!

His contention is that the Obama administration wants to make George Soros richer…

This move goes against each of the following six aspects.

  1. Jobs
  2. Budget deficit
  3. Economy
  4. National security
  5. Trade deficit
  6. Outsourcing

The story was first reported on December 30, 2011 about Embraer winning the contract but on January 5, the deal was put on hold because Hawker Beechcraft is protesting this with a lawsuit.

“Hawker Beechcraft deserves answers as to why it was excluded from the competition two months ago,” Roberts said. “On every turn, the Air Force has denied the company and the congressional delegation the opportunity to understand why it made the decision. If the Air Force wants to taut transparency in this selection process, it can start with briefing me and my colleagues Congressman Mike Pompeo, Congresswoman Jenkins, and Senator Jerry Moran as we have been in regular contact with the Air Force and the General Accounting Office since Hawker learned of the decision. We all deserve answers.”