Obama in One Word: Incompetent

The Pew Research Center asked adults nationwide for one single word they would use to describe Obama.

Here are the highlights.

  • #2 was "incompetent"
  • #4 was "socialist"
  • #7 was "disappointing"
  • #9 was "unqualified"
  • #10 was "inexperienced"

When they first ran the poll in mid April 2009 and then again in January 2010, the #1 word to describe Obama was "intelligent" but that had dropped down to #3. And the number of people describing him as "incompetent" has gone up by a factor of 5 since they first ran the poll, wow!

What I get out of this poll is quite simple… I believe that once Americans are exposed to a Liberal-in-Chief, they will reject it. Liberal policies are against the values Americans hold.